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Özsar continues to make a difference in its sector with its variety patterns, designs and combinations that come from our professional and expert staff. Özsar is one of the main gears of the textile industry, which adds color to the harmony in life and works with all its strength to capture the timing, harmony, dedication and quality behind the scenes.

With the “Fast Fashion”, we are determining trends and directing fabric fashion.
The result of movements which makes as one of the pioneers of the sector, our company become leader of sector. Aware of customer satisfaction, we work harder to move our customer-focused activities to a higher level.
Why Özsar Fabrics?
  • Stock Service
    More than a tousand tonnes of fabric available from stock.
  • Excellent Logistics
    Guaranteeing quick deliveries, supplying to all countries.
  • Wide Range of High Quality Fabrics
    All production with our carefully selected yarns, knitting and dyeing prediction in our own factory.
  • Competitive Prices
    Conditions according which we supply the market are competitive and create value for money to our clients.
  • More Than 30 Years of Experience
    Long established and reliable partner in textiles since 1988.